Weingut Schabl Wagram

Family Schabl

In 1891 the farm came into the possession of our family. Since then it has been constantly developed and inherited by the parents to their children. Currently Romana and Herbert, who have shaped the winery over the past years, work together with son Paul and his partner Elena. The two of them, as the fifth generation and future, contribute great talent and a great deal of oenological intuition. Thus, wines full of soul, lifeblood and with a pleasant character of the area are created. (Petra Bader, Gault&Millau)

Weingut Schabl Romana

Romana Schabl

Romana is the good soul of the winery. Our guests are well looked after by her and thanks to her the winery shows its best side. The work in the vineyard is Romana's special concern and so it is not surprising that she is always the fastest.

Weingut Schabl Paul

Paul Schabl

Paul studied economics and viticulture & oenology. Fortunately, he chose the latter in his career choice. Due to his diverse interests and his sideline in biological plant protection, he brings a fresh wind and ideas to the winery.

Weingut Schabl Elena

Elena Wohlmacher

Elena studied agricultural and food economics, appreciates high-quality food, and is interested in alternative economic systems. It is not only the search for new ways in agriculture that connects Elena and Paul, the two have also found each other.

Weingut Schabl Herbert

Herbert Schabl

Herbert took over his parents' winery at a young age and acquired a lot of know-how. Not only when it comes to wine, but in all situations of life he is always at our side with advice and action.